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The reason BodynSync Nutrition and Fitness exists is due to my passion and intense desire to help transform peoples sick and tired bodies, their lives and their attitudes. Those who seek change, who want to break the cycle of living a life based on a sickness model and who are ready to commit to change without making excuses will be ready to surrender their old habilts and embrace the necessary change to get their desired outcome.

To grow old is a privalege in itself but to feel an abundance of vitality, energy and a real zest for life has to be created just like a sick body takes years of successful creation. What you believe and practice creates who you are and how you feel right now and beyond.

You are what you think, feel and do until you become that very thing. Conscious thoughts and actions have immense power and bring about change at a cellular level. It sometimes takes a catastrophic life changing event, trauma or untold unhappiness and suffering before a person will seek change or sometimes a person may choose to consciously seek a healthy lifestyle preventing their exposure to the experience of disease.

In my private practice since 2005 I have seen and helped both these individuals and it is always my pleasure to heal and inspire those who are ready to ultimately love themselves enough to seek help.

So What of Nutrition?
A nutritionally sound diet for metabolic balance , prevention or recovery from sickness has to be combined with managing stress and exercising regularly to promote long term solutions to healthy weight, normal fat and carbohydrate metabolism, a healthy cardiovascular system, normal blood pressure and blood sugar balance and of course a balanced hormonal system.

Guidelines In a Nutshell



30 to 40 minutes of meaningful exercise a day helps to normalise cortisol, insulin, blood sugar metabolism and melts belly fat. Each person depending on their health status, life circumstances, and fitness ability will need some tailoring of correct exercise to obtain maximum results. However, generally speaking, a combination of short bursts of cardiovascular exercise using as many muscles as possible with functional strength training in a circuit type program gets optimal results.

Short bursts of cardio work can be as simple as skipping, stairclimbing, hill walking/jogging, running in sand, power walking,swimming, water walking or dancing or more sophisticated such as classical pilates. Strength work to shape, tone, tighten and increase muscle mass can be performed using several different modalities but is best achieved I believe through a combination of body resistance exercise, suspension training, ballet, pilates, yoga, martial art moves, weights and gymnastics. When cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training are combined then results are often quickly realised, felt and seen.

Functional exercise (using as many muscles as possible in a balanced way) using all these disciplines, creates elongated, strong balanced muscle, improves flexibility, nourishes and improves suppleness and balances the whole body creating beautiful shape, muscle tone and overall strength. A cleverly developed program that is appropriate to any persons ability at any age or stage of fitness based on these principles will ensure injury prevention and help create each persons absolute best body. Combine this exercise philosophy with a tailored nutrition and supplement program and success is guaranteed.

Dietary Supplements
Having the right kind and combination of supplemental support in addition to diet, lifestyle and exercise significantly enhances your ability to attain wellness and maintain a body n sync. I recommend, prescribe and stock supplements using only the absolute best, trusted and 'practitioner only' range from Nutrisearch and Health World (Metagenics and Innovative Therapies).
Simone has been my personal trainer for nearly 2 years and I am not overstating it to say that she has made an enormous difference to my overall health and wellbeing.
Simone has literally changed my life. From being tired all the time, grumpy, fuzzy-headed, depressed and overweight, I was lucky to get through the day without four coffees and a "nana nap". Since meeting Simone, I have learned so much, and shed 14kg through a healthy eating plan and safe, enjoyable exercise.
Wow! Simone thank you so much for giving me my life back. Your ability to see the individual and not just a new client shows the real talent you have. I was sceptical at first that taking supplements was going to work but my faith in you has shown great results and I now feel and look better than I ever had.
Simone delivers professional personal training of the highest order, based on her expert knowledge of the physiology of exercise. She knows exactly how to design training sessions that are tailored to my needs and ability. The sessions are designed so that I can get the maximum benefit from the exercises, without injury and, more importantly, so that I will want to show up for the next session.